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Do you guys think Hogwarts is omnisexual, or is just a sexy, sexy castle that keeps getting assaulted?

Hermione giggled softly and kissed her again, her fingers moving south to open the front of Ginny's jeans The Hermione she remembered, the young woman who had been her best friend, had been so strong, so…so…alive. She finds herself falling in love with her new best friend, Allison Royal. German milf ass. Harry potter lesbian stories. I'll get back to you later. My gaze rose to the table above where Albus Dumbledore was staring at me. Falling for Fawley Perpetrator: All of them were now completely nude in the room, Harry realized.

How will they react to a Black hero? As Hermione still lay there, breast heaving from her exertions, Luna rose off the bed to join Harry and Ginny. The character has red skin and elf like ears, plus white hair. Nobody wanted to be friends with a Weasley gone wrong.

A very short and sweet story I hope you will be interested in: Seeking a response from Hermione, you noticed a nod coming from the girl underneath you. As if she had heard Harry's thoughts out loud, Mrs. The girl scoffed lightly but smiled back at him, "I'm just glad you know how to get onto the platform!

Their supple nude forms were pressed together, Hermione's brown nipples pressing into Luna's pink ones. Lesbian best friends first time. Her is a quote from chapter two. The Sorting Hat saw something in her that nobody else had They were gone within a few seconds and Hermione was left quivering with anticipation as Ginny slowly trailed kisses down her abdomen, pausing for a moment at her crotch before moving Hermione's legs apart. It was a sunny, vibrant morning at Hogwarts. Her eyes are grey.

The only difference being that usually they had someone accompanying them. At the end, she ends up falling into the world of The How did she become a teacher? His eyes finally looked away from the fire and he walked up to where he slept with Ron, Dean, and Seamus.

Every so often Hermione would delicately tuck back a stray lock of blonde hair as she continued to finger Luna, who returned the favour to her new lover. All she knows now, is that if she want

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I do not own the Harry Potter fandom nor do I intend to make any money on this story.

No one assumed that Hermione Granger, star student and responsible Prefect, would be a lesbian that enjoyed a lot of foreplay and steamy nights.

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But for a little while there, we were all talking excitedly about when the next book would be released and whether our parents would let us stay up all night to read it. He quickly recalled that he had to walk past it three times thinking what he wanted to himself.

Educate yourself, use your voice to speak up for those who cannot and please take care of each other. Vida guerra naked. Both silvery-grey and brown pairs of eyes shot open at that and their kiss ended, but they refused to look anywhere but at each other. But you cannot hide from yourself forever and not even Harry Potter could fix my troubled mind.

I think I know just the thing for him. I have put some recs in here, but the majority of them are all from other readers. I was a painfully uncool little girl who would spend all of the next few years straightening her hair, caking on makeup, and reading Seventeen in a sad effort to be something, anything else.

I am admittedly one of those people, as scary as that is to actually type. The Triplets of Hogwarts Perpetrator: She let her hands fall down to Ginny's hips, moving her own hips up against them in time to the beat. While Ginny was slim, Hermione had more ample curves at hip and leg.

Hermione is captured, Lucius is a bastard, and Narcissa makes everything a little more bearable. Wow, what a huge project you've undertaken! Then she descended down his form, kissing him along the chest, the abdomen, following the trail of dark hairs ever downwards. Naked pussy contest. Actually, considering most of the fics on this list were recced multiple times, I wouldn't be surprised if people REALLY thought your old work was worth something. Harry potter lesbian stories. Hermione turned her head to face Ginny's and smiled reassuringly, "I don't think I could freak out about how good you made me feel last night.

She's a witch ahead of her time, and she's going to save the world. I found out from the reviews that Ben is gay. Why had he forgotten the damnable map? And distantly, he wanted it more than anything, even if he would not totally admit to himself. Ginny grinned and bit her bottom lip, "Not to get you into bed, per say. That was what Harry said to himself as time continued to pass and he looked into the fire.

Take it or leave it. It was actually quite fun to make, even though it was really time consuming. Hot lesbians touching each other. Drowning in memories now, I somehow feel the exact same agony I first experienced when reading my favorite house elf died.

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